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April 25, 2020

Getting a new belly button piercing is exciting.

There's always a lot of nervous and exciting energy and verbal instructions can be easily forgotten when you're getting a piercing!

There's nothing worse than getting a belly button piercing and not knowing how to change it out yourself.

It's important to know how to change your belly button piercing for the first time.

Usually a few months after getting pierced, you'll start to look for new belly rings and think of switching to a new style.

While this is enjoyable, if you buy a belly ring and don't know how to switch it out, it won't be able to be on display!

In this video, you'll see how simple it can be.

Before you change your belly button piercing jewelry yourself, make sure to watch our video:

How to Clean Your Belly Button Piercing Yourself


Want the titanium belly ring featured in our video? See it below:

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