March 27, 2020

Supporting Small Business

We are a small business and Y-O-U mean the world to us!

Every order that you place on our website helps us keep our bellies full and allows us to continue doing what we love.

We are extremely grateful for your support.

Your order is our source of income and rely on this to keep our small business open. 

With this income, we pay our monthly bills and can keep our inventory running smoothly.

When you purchase from us, we shout hooray! We gleam excitedly to watch our jewelry make its way around the world. We celebrate the fact that we are able to share our passion and love for what we do with YOU!

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We Are Grateful For You

Operating a small business takes a lot of work and dedication.

We spend many hours dedicating our life hours to increase your enjoyment, whether that is in a custom jewelry order, a new tattoo or body piercing, we are committed to your wishes.

All hours of the day, we respond via email, phone calls, text messages, Facebook & Instagram conversations, website chat...sometimes in a YouTube video response!

You are a GIGANTIC part of our daily lives, every day.

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Changes In Response To COVID-19

In response to the uproar COVID-19 is causing worldwide, we have closed our physical tattoo & piercing shop storefront.

To honor the health and safety of our clients and to abide by the law, we are not currently performing piercings, tattoos, stretching or jewelry insertions.

The tentative date in which these restrictions may be lifted is May 1st, but only time and more information will tell.

Online & Phone Jewelry Orders

Over these few wild weeks, we have received an influx of orders, thank you again for your support.

All body jewelry orders are being processed in a timely manner.

We do suggest that you upgrade your shipping speed if you'd like your package to arrive in a more timely manner.

Please understand that our shipping service, the USPS is working hard to bring packages on time.

They have done an amazing job over the years and we expect them to perform well, even in these challenging times.

Body jewelry orders continue to be processed in the same manner they have always been.

Body jewelry is cleaned in the ultrasonic prior to sterilization before being bagged.

PPE is used at all times. We've always been ahead of the cleanliness curve, especially being trained well in BBP regulations and the use of sterile fields. 

You can rest assured that we always have and continue to provide superior quality body jewelry in a safe and healthy environment.

Sending you a smile and love!

Valerie & Erix


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Interested in learning more about other tattoo and body piercing responses during Covid 19?

Visit is a personal blog based on opinions.

"My name is Christina. I’m blogger who is passioned in piercing. I have 2 piercings: Earlobe and Madonna. It pisses me off when I can’t find information about piercing type I interested in. That is why Piercee was created." source

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