April 26, 2017

Surely you've been swooning over our daith piercing hearts. Maybe you've grown fond of the new opal heart daith earrings. But have you seen our newest daith piercing moons? With two different styles to choose from, these moon daith earrings are stunning.

Shopping for a subdued, subtly and sexy moon daith earring? Choose our minimalist daith earring. Easy to bend, this piece goes with everything and you may not ever want to take it out.

16g Moon daith earring
Shop 16g Moon Daith Ring

Bring on the bling, the flashy, the classy with our gemstone moon daith earring. One step up in style from the classic moon daith earring, this piece also goes with absolutely everything but it just brings a little more bling.

16g Gemstone studded moon daith earring


How do I open and close these moon earrings?

Check out this YouTube video that describes how to open and close a jump ring. It's the same concept, just use your hands to do the bending. You can choose to use tools, just be sure to wrap the ends with a soft cloth to avoid scratching the metal. Scratches can trap nasty bacteria that can lead to irritation in a piercing channel.

Just remember to use only this method to open and close. If you open the piece away from itself, it can distort the shape and make it hard to close properly.

Left or right ear, how do I know which one to pick?

When purchasing a moon daith earring or a heart daith earring, select "left" or "right" in the drop down menu. If you have your left ear daith pierced, choose "left" and if you have your right ear daith pierced, choose "right". This is especially important to get right if the piece has gemstones. You can't put the gemstones in your piercing channel, ouch!

Can these be worn long term?

Absolutely. If you have no sensitivities to 316L stainless steel, these moon daith earrings can be worn daily.

How do I clean these?

These moon daith earrings are easy to clean. You can choose to clean them after showering using a wet, thick paper towel to get in the crevices. A wet Q-tip will work well also, just make sure to keep it wet so the tiny little fibers do not get caught up in your piercing channel. Little Q-tip fibers can cause irritation.

As for other cleaning methods, some people choose to use a little mild soap. Experiment with what works for you. Sometimes fragrances in soap can cause mild irritation, make sure to rinse your jewelry off well. Organic, natural soaps are excellent too.

How long should I wait before putting my new moon daith jewelry in after getting pierced?

Waiting at least 3-4 months after your initial piercing is ideal. Wait longer if your daith piercing has bumps or is still easily irritated. When  you change your initial jewelry out for a shaped daith earring, expect some soreness for a few days. If you notice any new bumps forming after switching to a new shape, switch back to the original jewelry and wait.




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