October 06, 2020

Now is the perfect time to get a new septum piercing and heal it before any work environment has to know about it! The biggest roadblock for many clients wanting to get their septum pierced has always been the need to hide it from work, school and sports.

Since masks are now a daily thing, take advantage of this special time to get your septum pierced and heal it.

Septum piercings only take approximately 6-8 weeks to heal completely.

With new rules and regulations that impose masks to be present during this time, it's important to understand the cleanliness standards needed to increase proper healing with the addition of a facial mask.

Enjoy the beautiful Autumn weather as Valerie from SirenBodyJewelry.com discusses our website policies regarding returns, sizing errors and shipping providers. We're real, awesome humans!

She also discusses septum piercing health and safety during the Covid 19 mask wearing year. Tips and tricks to prevent healing issues. 

The best suggestion to keep from this video log is to keep your masks clean if you get a new piercing or make sure they are properly washed and cleaned for each day during healing.

Watch this short video to learn about how to heal your new septum piercing during Covid-19.

Want to learn more about septum piercings?

Read our other blog article, "An Insider's Look at Finding your Sweet Spot".

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