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18k-14k Gold Collection


Gold holds a special place in the memory of the human mind and heart. Held in high esteem, gold is an alluring metal alloy. Gold does not tarnish and can be cast into stunning, intricate designs and shapes. The properties of gold are unique, allowing for a creative display of craftsmanship.

This detailed work is often found in a tradition of family heirlooms being passed down from one generation to another. Gold may also embody a couple's visible display of affection and commitment to one another, gold signifies values, traditions and loyalty.

Gold is highly prized within the body jewelry industry. Luxury, wealth and class are displayed in gold easily and it can be a lifelong investment in wealth growth.

Gold can be melted down and remade into many valuable components, like parts, for electronics, computers and aerospace designs. Let's not forget about gold’s appearance in the dental industry.  Gold has not only a functional use in a dental office chair, but a fashion element as well. Gold teeth can be a splurge and a celebration of personal and business success.  Edible gold even makes its way into the food industry in the form of decoration and elegant designs.

Treat yourself of someone you love to gold designs in body jewelry. Not only are they visually stunning, it can be a lifelong investment that you can wear.