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Clear Ear Nipple Industrial Piercing Retainers MRI Sports Safe & Replacement Ball Ends

16g Nipple piercing retainer set 1/2"-5/8" clear MRI safe flexible straight barbells

Instantly be prepared! These super clear 16g nipple piercing retainers are made from Bioflex.

What is that? Bioflex is a flexible, nickel free material that is non-toxic, allergy free and ideal for keeping any piercing open during medical procedures.

These can also be worn in nipple piercings that have experienced an adverse reaction to metal and need a little flexibility,

Sold as a pair.

Love these but need them in 14g? Find them here.

Item Specifics:

Gauge: 16g (1.2mm)
Length: 1/2"-5/8"
Ball Size: 3mm
Threading: External
Metal Composition: Bioflex
Style: Straight Barbell Retainer

Materials: 16g, Bioflex, Nipple Piercing Retainers,Pair,MRI Safe

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