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14g-12g Onyx stone nipple rings titanium hypoallergenic straight barbells internally threaded 4mm prong onyx ends

Smooth, rounded 4mm onyx stones are captured within these 14g titanium prong ends. Bold, classic and traditionally soothing, onyx ranks in on the Mohs hardness scale at a 7.

With a color range exhibiting ink black to white, onyx can also be white. With black onyx being the most valuable, historically it has been used as a background in cameos.

Edgy, dark and a strong personality, onyx ranks as one of our top favorite stones.

Each threaded end is removable, allowing you to further customize your own 14g titanium straight barbells with other 14g threaded ends. 

Pick your gauge & length, then choose your favorite anodized titanium color.

Bronze is a sultry combination, bringing depth and warmth to accent the onyx stones.

Ice blue delivers an eye catching duo.

Gold screams luxury.

Rainbow is over the top stunning. Choose your favorite titanium anodzed color, if you can pick just one!

Sold as a pair.

Item Specifics:

Gauge: 14g-12g
Length: 3/8"-1"
Stone Diameter: 4mm
Threading: Internal
Metal Composition: Titanium 6Al-4V-Eli ASTM F-136
Style: Straight Barbell (SBB)

*Titanium is the highest quality metal available for use in body piercing jewelry. It is extremely hypoallergenic and free of common irritants such as nickel and lead.

It is a lightweight metal that is durable and able to be anodized by using electricity to change the surface molecules into radiant colors.

Titanium can be safely used in initial (new) or healing piercings.

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