Nipple Captive Bead Rings, Circular Barbells & Curved Bars

Enjoy the look of a hoop in your nipple piercing? We've got you covered! Captive bead rings, circular barbells and curved barbells are enjoyable styles to wear in nipple piercings.

Captive bead rings have a bead with dimples on each side that allows the bead to "snap" into place securely. The bead can be replaced with other CBR bead ends that feature gemstones and opals. Contact us for more captive bead ring inserts.

Circular barbells, also called horseshoes, are a circular type of curved bar featuring threaded ball ends on each side. These are popular and also can be worn in stretched earlobe and septum piercings and some genital piercings like the Prince Albert and Frenum.

Larger gauge circular barbells are available and in-stock in our tattoo and piercing shop. Contact us for large gauge circular barbell styles and orders.

Curved barbells can be extremely comfortable, especially for inverted nipple piercings. The curve can allow for some vertical nipple movement, allowing inverted nipples to "rest" comfortably.

Titanium internally threaded curved barbells can feature ball, gemstone and opal ends on each end. Contact us for more titanium curved barbell options and custom orders.