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Solid Plugs & Gauges

Opalite plug earrings double flare gauges iridescent body jewelry plugs and gauge ear rings

Opalite, also known as the stone of eternity, is a translucent milky white stone that symbolizes a free spirit and an open mind. As a healing stone, these white opalite plug earrings promote relaxation and the release of fear and anxiety. Not to mention the iridescent colors really bring out a bold look. Smooth double flares make for an extremely comfortable pair of plugs.

Sold as a pair.

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Item Specifics:

Stone Type: White Opalite
Color: Iridescent White
Gauge: 8g-1"
Style: Double Flare Solid Plug

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Materials: Opalite Stone,Double Flare,Plugs, Pick your size

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