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Rook & Snug Piercing Jewelry

Stainless steel curved barbell 16g internally threaded 5/16 rook eyebrow daith earring

High quality 16g curved barbells crafted from 316L stainless steel. These are comfortable to wear, they have a high polish and a nice sheen.

These are the perfect size for eyebrow, rook, tragus, daith and vertical labret piercings.

Sold individually.

Item Specifics:
Gauge: 16g
Length: 5/16"
Style: Curved Barbell
Ball Size: 3mm
Threading: Internal
Metal Composition: 316L ASTM F-138 Implant Grade Stainless Steel

Materials: 16g,Curved Barbell,Internally Threaded,316L Stainless Steel,Rook,Daith,Tragus,Vertical Labret

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