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Annealed Seam Rings & Fixed Bead Rings

Gem fixed bead ring 16g 5/16" 316L stainless steel septum ring daith earring body jewelry

Gem fixed bead rings, need we say more? Can you count on one had the number of times you've lost a captive bead? We didn't think so! Lost bead problem solved! These 16g fixed bead rings feature gorgeous, crystal clear gemstones that are fixed to one side, making it impossible to lose the gem bead. Available in two different diameters, these stainless steel FBR's can be worn in so many different piercings. Most popular are the septum and daith piercings.

Sold individually.

~||✧ Item Specifics: ✧||~

Gauge: 16g
Diameter: 5/16", 3/8"
Style: Fixed Bead Ring
Metal Composition: 316L ASTM F-138 Implant Grade Stainless Steel
Gemstones: Clear CZ Gemstones
Gemstone Size: 3mm
Where to Wear It: Septum, Daith, Conch, Helix, Forward Helix, Earlobe, Lip,


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