Collection: VCH & Christina Body Piercing Jewelry

Crafted from 6Al-4V-Eli ASTM F-136 compliant titanium, our VCH and Christina body jewelry designs are designed to encourage personal enjoyment aesthetic appeal and long term health.

We suggest wearing quality metals like titanium in all body piercings, especially in genital body piercing regions. Other types of metal can be worn in healed VCH and Christina body piercings, however it's ideal to note any personal sensitivities or issues with other metals worn in the future to maintain overall piercing and bodily health.

While the VCH piercing is certainly popular, the Christina piercing is also gaining in popularity. The VCH piercing is unique in its ability to not only provide visual stimulation, but physical enjoyment as well.

The Christina piercing is dramatic and alluring, allowing for even more self expression and body jewelry options. The sky is not even the limit any longer as the body jewelry industry continues to grow and offer more quality jewelry options.

Both a VCH and Christina piercing are enjoyable and allow for even more body decoration and celebration of body jewelry and the experiences that stem from the journey. It's your adventure, try one out for yourself!

The top two styles of body jewelry worn in VCH and Christina piercings are curved barbells and L barbells.

Curved Barbells:

  • Common Gauge: 14g, 12g, 10g (depending on various factors)
  • Common Length: 5/16"-5/8" and longer (depending on various factors)

Classic belly ring styles and smaller threaded ends in either a ball, gem or opal style may be appropriate not only for looks, but for functionality. Cluster ends are an option as well. We suggest bezel settings to reduce the changes of snagging and trauma to the piercing site.

curved vch barbells 14g titanium anodized gems

L Bars- may feature a fixed gemstone on bottom and a removable internally threaded end on the top rise. Other options are possible.

Titanium L Bars

You can choose gemstones, opals and discs for the threaded ends for a look unique to you.

Our current L Bars feature fixed gemstones on the bottom and your choice of a disc, gem or opal end.