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Cosmetic Tattoos

By Appointment Only. Email (sirenbodyjewelry@gmail.com) or Call (320-262-6204) to book.

Cosmetic tattoos require a minimum of two sessions.

If you miss your second session, you will be charged the initial procedure price.

Cosmetic tattoo inks can fade 50-60% while healing. A second session is required to make sure every area has full coverage and that anything that disappears during healing can be remedied. 

Cosmetic tattoos can require frequent touch ups throughout the years. Plan accordingly to keep your ink looking fresh and vibrant.

Thick eyeliner, full lip colors and camouflage procedures may require 2-3 treatments.

Pigments can and will fade. Pigments can heal a different color than what they appear when initially applied.

Cosmetic Tattoo Pricing

Aftercare Instructions

Failure to follow post-procedure instructions may cause loss of pigment, discoloration or infection.

Color appears brighter and more defined immediately following the cosmetic procedure. As the healing process progresses, color will soften.

For 14 days after the procedure:

All deposits are non-refundable. You can move your appointment once, call 72 hours ahead of time to reschedule.

If you miss your appointment, (no call, no show), you will have to reschedule and pay in full. 

If you miss your second session, you'll be charged full price moving forward.