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12g Titanium nipple piercing barbells 1/2"-5/8" straight bars internally threaded 5mm ball ends pair


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We cannot overemphasize the benefits of titanium. 

Titanium speaks for itself.

It shows up with a quality surface that's not only easy to clean, but also hypoallergenic. Ideal for anyone who has issues wearing other metals.

And that's just the start! I won't even begin to celebrate and describe titanium's ability to change color without damaging its valuable hypoallergenic properties. 

Our 12g titanium straight barbells are just that, quality.

Featuring 5mm threaded ball ends in your choice of anodized color, these 12g straight barbells are perfect for nipple piercings, cheek piercings too!

Pick your favorite anodized color and treat your body to titanium.

Sold as a pair.

Item Specifics:

Gauge: 12g
Length: 1/2"-5/8" (email for other lengths)
Ball Size: 5mm
Threading: Internal
Style: Straight Barbell (SBB)
Metal Composition: Titanium 6Al-4V-Eli ASTM F-136

*Titanium is the highest quality metal available for use in body piercing jewelry. It is extremely hypoallergenic and free of common irritants such as nickel and lead.

It is a lightweight metal that is durable and able to be anodized by using electricity to change the surface molecules into radiant colors.

Titanium can be safely used in initial (new) or healing piercings.