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14g Titanium tongue piercing barbell 5/8" straight 4mm aurora borealis gemstone cheek piercing bars


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Hello sexy, have you seen our aurora borealis gemstone on top of our smooth, hypoallergenic titanium straight barbell?!

It's stunning, just like YOU.

Crafted from high quality titanium, our 14g titanium straight barbell is topped with our favorite 4mm bezel set aurora borealis gemstone threaded end. The bottom ball is 5mm in diameter, making it comfortable to wear.

Sold Individually.

Pick your favorite anodized color in the drop down menu. Our favorites are ice blue, oilslick and bronze right now but they always change with our mood. 

Item Details:

Gauge: 14g
Length: 9/16" (14mm) , 5/8" (16mm)
Ball: 5mm
Threading: Internal
Metal Composition: Titanium 6Al-4V-Eli ASTM F-136 (IMPLANT GRADE)
Style: Straight Barbell (SBB)

Each end does unscrew, so make sure to check each end quite often especially if you love to talk. Tongues move so much during the day, it's quite amazing!

There's nothing quite like getting your tongue pierced! Believe it or not, you really have to be a certain kind of bad-ass to go thru with such a wild piercing.

Usually tongue piercings are pierced with a straight barbell that is longer than the healed length, to allow for any swelling that may occur during the next 5-7 days.

The most common length used in healed tongue piercings is 5/8". If you find that length to long, try the next shorter length down of 9/16". 


titanium anodized colors shown on 16g hinged segment rings

Color is something perceived visually. Gazing at intricate flowers displays or brightly colored fish in the ocean, we visually take in, interpret and see multiple colors.

Think of your favorite sunset or sunrise. What colors do you recall?

Titanium anodizing is another way elevate our visual experience when it comes to body jewelry.

What is titanium anodizing?

Titanium anodizing is a process that modifies a layer of oxide on the surface, which then alters the appearance of reflective light, resulting in unique colorations.

Anodizing does NOT add any materials to the surface like dyes or plating methods, resulting in a safe, hypoallergenic piece of jewelry.

All of our body jewelry is anodized to order.

We offer 12 different titanium anodized colors. High polish (silver) is our titanium that has be polished and has a traditional "silver" or chrome like hue.

See photo and list of anodized colors below. The photo shows the colors in order from front to back.

Rainbow is not shown in the photo below but further down the page.

titanium anodized colors

  • Light Bronze
  • Bronze
  • Purple
  • Blue
  • Ice Blue
  • Gold
  • Rose Gold
  • Pink
  • Blurple
  • Green
  • Rainbow
  • Oilslick

Every color is beautiful on its own. Intermixing anodized color, gemstone and opal can enhance jewelry further. This creative styling using titanium anodized color, gemstone and opals can be used to create your own unique body jewelry look.

Have a look at a few of our titanium anodized pieces and their unique combinations of color, gemstones and opals.

turquoise industrial bar dark bronze anodized 
Dark bronze compliments turquoise and a purple opal in our 14g titanium straight barbell.

rose gold anodized industrial bar

Rose gold enhances the lovely pink and blue flecks within the white opals. We often lean more towards a warm copper like rose gold with undertones of light pink throughout.

We have a consistent rose gold that we adore and enjoy sharing with our customers who also love it.

  • If you prefer rose gold anodized titanium to lean more heavily on the pink side, select our pink anodizing.

Rainbow is a lavish result of titanium anodizing. When comparing oilslick to rainbow, it's important to notice that rainbow has no silver (high polish) portions visible. Oilslick does have visible silver (high polish).

Green is very bright, not something to be missed easily. Purple is vibrant and lovely. Hues of green may range from a more teal-green to less teal, lighter green.

Green is our trickiest color to achieve, so there are some resulting hue variants to take into consideration prior to purchasing. These variations make for outstanding, unique pieces in green.

If you love green, all hues are gorgeous.

Titanium anodizing continues to grow in popularity within the body jewelry industry and it's use is not only colorful, but hypoallergenic. It is also corrosion resistant and durable. Titanium is affordable may encourage a wide variety of body piercing lovers to enjoy it's colorful abilities with also benefiting from quality titanium metal properties.