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18g-16g Titanium threaded taper body piercing insertion tool hypoallergenic 2" tapered smooth rounded


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Love titanium flat back earrings, but find it difficult to put them in yourself?

Try one of our 18g-16g titanium threaded insertion tapers to make it easier.

Simply thread the matching gauge 18g or 16g taper into your 18g or 16g titanium flat back labret and insert in into your piercing channel.

Unscrew the titanium taper from your 18g or 16g labret and then thread on your 18g-16g threaded ball, gem or opal end. 

Use our convenient tightening tool and you're now a talented self installer of your own body jewelry.

It is really that beautifully simple.

Ideally you'd also use freshly washed and dried, clean hands and/or latex or nitrile gloves as well to keep the whole process clean and safe for your piercings.

This 18g titanium taper is extremely helpful for installing body jewelry into all types of body piercings including nostril, ear, lip and more.

This is a valuable tool to acquire if you love being in control of changing out your own body jewelry pieces.


Gauge: 18g (1.0m)
Length: 2"
Metal Composition: ASTM F-136 Implant Grade Titanium
Style: Threaded Taper