20g Marquise CZ gemstone helix piercing hoop gem nostril seam ring easy bend 316L stainless steel 5/16"

Crystal clear gemstones rule the jewelry world! This 20g easy bend seam ring stands out from the clear gem club with its unique shape.

Marquise shaped, this sparkling gemstone looks great in cartilage and nostril piercings! Slightly different from the crowd, this little seam ring is one of our newest favorites.

Sold individually.

Item Description:

Gauge: 20g (0.8mm)
Diameter: 5/16" (8mm)
Stone Size: 3mm
Metal Composition: 316L Stainless Steel
Style: Seam Ring
Where to Wear It: Nose, Earlobes, Helix, Cartilage, Forward Helix, Tragus,

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