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14g Aurora borealis gemstone titanium belly button ring internally threaded bezel set gems pick your anodized color


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Aurora Borealis is a fascinating gemstone.

This gemstone is often compared to the multicolored phenomenon, known as the Aurora Borealis. This display of amazement is an unique display of natural polar light show that may occur in more northern hemisphere skies.

Carry some aurora borealis with you, you'll never know who it inspires.

Crafted from high quality, internally threaded titanium, this 14g titanium curved barbell can be anodized to further accent the gemstones or to provide delightful contrast.

High Polish (Silver) is a classic selection.

Rose Gold is a stunning partner to aurora borealis gemstones, along with ice blue and even a light bronze.

The choice is yours, teal green is a unique and rare anodized combination with aurora borealis.

Sold Individually. 

Item Specifics:

Gauge: 14g (1.6mm)
Length: 7/16" (10mm)
Stone Size: 5mm & 8mm
Threading: Internal
Metal Composition: Rose Gold Anodized Titanium
Style: Curved Barbell (CBB)