Body piercing aftercare spray 1.5 ounces purified saline wash solution vegan

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If you have a body piercing, you know how important it is to keep not only your piercing clean, but your jewelry too!

Keep your favorite piercings healthy and clean with aftercare spray.

This 1.5 ounce can is a preservative free, vegan natural aftercare spray.

It has an easy to use spray nozzle and it's lightweight. Just right for purses, backpacks, etc.

Ideal for all healing body piercings.

Spray on piercing area and jewelry to soak and clean away gunk and debris. 

 If you have a long healing piercing like cartilage or a belly button, go with the 3 ounce option as it will last you much longer than the 1.5 ounce can.

Quick healing piercings like lip, septum, earlobe can choose the 1.5 ounce can.

This listing is for the 1.5 ounce piercing aftercare saline wash spray.

*Shipping available only to orders in the USA.