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Pearl nipple piercing straight barbells 14g titanium hypoallergenic nipple rings


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When we think of pearls, we think of elegance and beauty. These faux pearl nipple piercing barbells are just that. Elegant and beautiful.

Crafted from hypoallergenic, quality titanium, these 14g straight barbells are comfortable to wear.

Each end is fitted with our 5mm smooth, round faux white pearl threaded end. Care is taken to ensure that each end is smooth and comfortable.

To top it off, we can then anodized each barbell one of our 12 amazing colors. Gold, rose gold and pink are a popular choice, but we'd love to see a pair in ice blue! Ultimately, the choice is yours!

Sold as a pair.

Item Specifics:

Gauge: 14g (1.6mm)
Length: 5/8"
Faux Pearl Size: 5mm
Threading: External
Metal Composition: Titanium 6Al-4V-Eli ASTM F-136
Style: Straight Barbell (SBB)

*Titanium body jewelry is three times the strength of stainless steel. It can withstand adverse conditions, and will not dent or scratch. Titanium does not change color or corrode from wear or time.

In its most natural form, titanium is bio compatible with almost all types of human skin. This means that almost anyone can wear titanium jewelry without fear of rashes or discolorations as a result.

Additionally, many people who suffer from allergic reactions while wearing gold or silver jewelry can wear titanium without any problems.