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Green opal flat back earring 16g titanium internally threaded ear helix tragus conch lip piercing stud hypoallergenic nickel free


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Earthy, enticing and bright, our green opals look fabulous in multiple piercings! With a smooth bezel setting, you can pick from our 3mm or our 4mm opal diameters.

Ideal for new, healing and healed piercings, these gorgeous opals are matched with our titanium flat back labret. Internally threaded, hand polished and then anodized your favorite color, you're going to love these green opals!

Some favorite anodized colors to match our green opals are purple teal, bronze, ice blue, rose gold and blurple.

Sold Individually. Order two for a pair.

Wear these in:

Forward Helix

Item Description:

Gauge: 16g
Length: 1/4" or 5/16"
Stone: Green Opal
Stone Diameter: 3mm, 4mm
Threading: Internal
Metal: Titanium