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Sparkling Triple CZ Center Gemstones Industrial Piercing Barbell

Sparkling Triple CZ Center Gemstones Industrial Piercing Barbell

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Discover one of our all-time favorites, the classic Industrial Piercing Style 14g Titanium Barbell. This exquisite piece of jewelry combines timeless appeal with modern elegance.

Crafted from high-quality titanium, this hypoallergenic barbell features internally threaded ball ends on either side for easy insertion and a secure fit. The center gemstone is delicately bezel-set, adding a touch of sophistication, while the round prong-set gemstones surrounding it create a captivating visual display.

This versatile piercing barbell is not only aesthetically pleasing but also ideal for various stages of piercings. Whether you're a newbie, in the healing process, or have fully healed industrial/scaffold piercings, this barbell is designed to provide utmost comfort and style.

Elevate your piercing game with this captivating 14g titanium straight barbell. The combination of gemstones and threaded ball ends adds a unique twist to this traditional design, making it a standout piece of jewelry that effortlessly captures attention.

Indulge in the pleasure of wearing this stunning industrial piercing barbell, designed to enhance your style and showcase your individuality.

Item Specifics: Sold Individually.

Gauge: 14g (1.6mm)
Length: 1 1/4 OR 1 1/2"
Stone Size: 5mm, 4mm
Stone Color: Clear Swarovski
Ball Diameter: 4mm
Setting Style: Bezel and Prong
Threading: Internal
Metal Composition: ASTM F-136 Implant Grade Titanium
Style: Straight Barbell (SBB)
*Pictured barbell tapers on either end. This version is no longer used, the entire shaft is straight.

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