Jewelry tightening tool forceps easy grip secure your threaded ends micro thin tip

If you're a brave, determined DIY inserter of body jewelry, you NEED this tool in your arsenal. 

Seriously, we use it (professional piercers) across the world to ensure that your gemstone or opal or fancy gold end is threaded properly and tightened to lessen the risk of a threaded end being lost.

  • Save yourself the hassle and use a tool.
  • This bad boy is lightweight, just long enough to operate (5" length). 
  • The micro thin tip allows you to use the tool to grab your labret or piece and (using gloves) tighten a threaded end that is 18g, 16g or 14g.
  • Firmly grip and unhinge hinged segment rings or use this to assist in closing a hinged segment ring.


Knowledge drop, if you have dermal piercings, we also use this tool as the notched out 2mm hole is designed to hold a 14g labret perfectly while we unscrew your threaded end. 

Quit worrying about losing your favorite ends. Used properly with clean, nitrile gloves (or latex if you have no allergy), this is a must have!

*Disclaimer, if your labret or jewelry is too tight to begin with, make sure your length is good enough to allow proper tightening.