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Body jewelry tightening tool secure threaded ends ear piercing tools


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If you're a brave, determined self confident inserter of body jewelry, you NEED this tool in your arsenal. 

Seriously, we use it (professional piercers) across the world to ensure that your gemstone or opal or fancy gold end is threaded properly and tightened to lessen the risk of a threaded end being lost.

  • Save yourself the hassle and use a tool.

  • This bad boy is lightweight, just long enough to operate (5" length). 

  • The micro thin tip allows you to use the tool to grab your labret or piece and (using gloves) tighten a threaded end that is 18g, 16g or 14g.

  • Firmly grip and unhinge hinged segment rings or use this to assist in closing a hinged segment ring.


Knowledge drop, if you have dermal piercings, we also use this tool.

The notched out 2mm hole on the tip is designed to slide around and grasp the a 14g dermal base shaft or labret while we unscrew your threaded end. 

This firm grip not only allows for ease of removal and insertion tightening, it reduces the chances of trauma to the piercing site itself or the tissue surrounding it.

Tips to avoid losing your favorite threaded ends.

  • Use clean nitrile or latex gloves for a secure, grip.

  • Left is loosen, right is tighten. Be sure to do the opposite if you're looking into a mirror.

  • Check your threaded end daily to minimize the risk of it loosening itself over time and falling out. 

  • Please note:
    If your labret or jewelry is too tight to begin with, make sure your length is long enough to allow proper tightening.