Large gauge captive bead ring ear hoops 316L stainless steel prince albert septum nipple hoop

Quality 316L stainless steel crafted into a smooth, large gauge captive bead ring. These snap fit captive bead rings are superior when it comes to installing and snapping the bead in, especially in these large gauge sizes.

Each shaft has an indent in which the tiny balls click in. Less chance of loosing a ball in something and easiest to insert and remove.

We have these in 8g up to 00g in stock with a diameter of 5/8". Other diameters are available in certain gauge sizes, contact us for ordering those.

Sold individually, order 2 for a pair.

Item Details:

Gauge: 8g-00g
Diameter: 5/8"
Ball Diameter: 8g is 8mm, 6g-0g is 10mm, 00g is 12mm
Metal: 316L Stainless Steel
Style: Snap Fit Captive Bead Ring

Wear these in: septum, nipple, prince albert,

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