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Clear piercing retainer 16g-14g 5/16" tragus labret stud earlobe lip stud helix bar


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If you have a lip or ear piercing, these clear piercing retainers are a must-have! These clear labret studs provide a convenient way to keep your body piercings open.

Wear these during work, surgery, MRI scans, dental exams, and for any other occasion where you need to take out jewelry or hide it.

Bioplast is a safe, incredible material with excellent biocompatibility and flexibility.

Sold individually.

Gauge: 16g or 14g

These can be worn in multiple piercings. The most common places to wear these are cartilage, helix, conch, tragus, earlobe piercings. Facial body piercings like the lower and upper lip, philtrum, and monroe are also popular spots to sport clear piercing jewelry.

Materials: Bioplast