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Nipple jewelry internally threaded titanium curved barbell 14g 5mm Swarovski clear gems 5/8" length hypoallergenic

Crafted from hypoallergenic titanium, these curved titanium barbells feature stunning, crystal clear Swarovski prong gemstone ends.

It's hard to beat the classic appeal these curves deliver. With a brilliant sparkle, these prong Swarovski gem ends are the perfect fit with our mirror polished titanium curved nipple bars.

Comfortable to wear on a daily basis, these might just become your next new favorite pair of nipple rings. The prongs are smooth, reducing any snags. This in itself is very important for daily wearing enjoyment.

Sold as a pair.

Item Details:

Metal: ASTM F-136 Titanium
Style: Curved Barbell
Threading: Internal
Length: 5/8"
Gem Size: 5mm
Gem: Swarovski Clear

Want a bit of variety? You can purchase other compatible 14g threaded ends, like our opal ends.

If you need a different length, please contact us for a custom order.

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