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Clear nose piercing retainer stud 18g L bend flat top easy hide nostril jewelry

These are the best nostril piercing retainers you can buy! They're smooth, easy to clean and crystal clear.

For the top of your nose, they have a very tiny, flat clear disc. This disc makes it easy to hide your nose piercing as it sits flush against your nostril.

If you're clever enough, you can even go as far as to add concealer on this little flat disc so that it is even more disguised.

Hand made from Borosilicate glass, these crystal clear nose piercing retainers are easy to clean and safe to wear in new, healing, and healed nose piercings.

Sold individually.

Item Specifics:

Borosilicate Glass
18g (1mm) 5/16"
L Bend Flat Top
Crystal Clear

Materials: 18g,Borosilicate Glass,Nostril Piercing Retainer,MRI Safe

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