Piercing Deposit

Excited for your next body piercing? So are we! Let's get you booked in.

Here's what you need to do:

Read our Piercing Requirements here.

Call #320-262-6204 to book.

You also have to email us IF you are requesting to be pierced with our custom body jewelry or to design unique ear projects, please read our piercing requirements.

Email Subject: Book a Piercing

Hello my name is _____________. I'd like a __________________ piercing.

You can call me at ______________________.

If you have a piercing photo reference or specific style of body jewelry you want customized for your piercings, email us with those photos.

If you want a customized ear, facial or surface piercing or coordinated jewelry...you MUST send a picture of your current ear or place where we will be adorning your body.

Genital piercings not included, so do NOT send pictures.

Please include any information that is helpful. Example, I want a triple helix piercing or I'd like a double conch...specifics help us understand what end result you're seeking.