18g-16g Titanium hinged segment ring custom anodized rainbow nose helix daith septum earring

Bored with the usual colors? You won't be able to stop looking at your very own custom anodized oil slick hinged segment ring.

Each 16g hinged segment ring is made in our tattoo and piercing studio in Sauk Centre, MN.

Each piece is made to order and every piece will be unique! 

If you'd like more Bronze, Pink, or Blue, select that option in the drop down menu and we'll do our best!

Please note that no two will be exactly the same. If that's the aim you're going for, maybe you'd like our one color hinged segment rings

Sold individually.

Item Description:

Gauge: 18g, 16g, 14g,
Diameter: 5/16" (8mm) OR 3/8" (10mm)
Material: Titanium
Style: Hinged Segment Ring