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White opal cluster 16g curved barbell titanium internally threaded 5mm trio 3mm prong


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This flirty piece features a dramatic white opal cluster paired with our petite, 3mm prong set white opal. The smooth, curved barbell has a length of 5/16" (8mm). The standard length for many eyebrow, vertical labret, snug and rook piercings.

This elevated curved barbell can be worn in piercings such as the rook, daith, vertical labret and snug. The entire piece is internally threaded and 100% hypoallergenic.

Both threaded ends are removable, making insertion flexible.

High polish is pictured. Other titanium anodized options include gold, blurple, ice blue and so many more.

Sold individually.

  • Gauge: 16g (1.2mm)
  • Length: 5/16" (8mm)
  • Opal Color: White
  • Stone Size: 5mm (Opal Cluster), 3mm (Prong Set Opal)
  • Threading: Internal
  • Metal Composition: Titanium 6Al-4V-Eli ASTM F-136
  • Style: Curved Barbell (CBB)

Where to Wear It: Rook, Daith, Eyebrow, Vertical Labret, Snug