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Rook piercing curved barbell 16g rose gold titanium daith earring vertical labret barbell

Bold in rose gold! We are swooning over this sweet little rook piercing curve! Anodized in-house, this 16g curved barbell features 3mm aurora borealis, bezel set, gemstones on either end! The entire piece is internally threaded and polished to a bright shine. This piece looks excellent in rook, daith, vertical labret and eyebrow piercings.

~||✧ Item Specifics: ✧||~

Gauge: 16g
Length: 5/16" (8mm)
Stone Size: 3mm Aurora Borealis
Stone: Aurora Borealis
Threading: Internal
Metal Composition: Titanium 6Al-4V-Eli ASTM F-136, Rose Gold Anodized In-House
Style: Curved Barbell

Materials: 16g,Titanium,Internally Threaded,Rose Gold, 3mm Aurora Borealis Gemstones

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