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Stone plug earrings green aventurine double flare gauges organic stretched ear body jewelry pair

These jade green adventurine stone plug earrings are beautiful shades of earthy green. Gently double flared, for easy insertion and removal, these natural stone gauges compliment rose gold, gold, violet, black and opal jewelry. Show off your elemental side with these jade stone plugs.

Sold as a pair.

Item Specifics:

Gauge: 00g
Material: Organic, Semi Precious Adventurine Stone
Style: Double Flair

*All of our organic products are authentic and no other product or material is mixed in or used.

Siren is a professional piercer with extensive body jewelry experience. If you have sizing questions, send us a message.

*Organic stone is beneficial for stretched earlobes. It is hypo-allergenic, hardy and beautiful to look at. Keep your stone plugs clean by washing them with warm water and antibacterial soap. Just be sure you plug your sink drain to avoid lost jewelry when cleaning your items.

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All body jewelry sales are final. Returns are not accepted due to possible blood borne pathogen contamination. Please read our shop polices for further information.

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Materials: Double Flair,Plug Earrings,00g,Natural Aventurine Stone

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