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18g-16g Crescent moon titanium earring flat back labret tragus helix conch lip piercing jewelry stud


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Capture a slice of the moon for yourself!

Crafted from high quality, hypoallergenic titanium, our titanium moon ends look lovely in helix, cartilage, conch, earlobe and tragus piercings. 

Featuring high quality, internal threading, these threaded moon ends fit wonderfully into our 18g or 16g titanium flat back labrets. 

All that's left is for you to pick your favorite anodized color!

Feeling moody? Go for ice blue. 

Into that gold vibe? Rose or Gold, you decide.

Color drop? Rainbow or Oilslick is your best bet.

Subtle monotone? Ice blue, bronze or pink.

Sold Individually.
Order 2 for a pair. Comes with 1 moon threaded and and 1 flat back labret.

Item Description:

Gauge: 18g OR 16g 
Length: 1/4" or 5/16"
Diameter: 4mm
Metal: Titanium 6Al-4V-Eli ASTM F-136
Shape: Moon

Available in 12 vibrant colors.

There are at least 7 piercings where you can wear these titanium moon ends.

  • Cartilage
  • Forward Helix
  • Conch
  • Earlobe
  • Tragus
  • Lip/Philtrum
  • Nose