Tribal pattern gold plated copper ear spreaders dangle tunnel earrings 00g- 5/8" pair

We're so in love with these new gold plated tunnel earrings that feature a striking black tribal design. 

These can be worn either way, with the shorter length design in the front or with the longest design in the front.

If you wear the shorter length in the front, you have these cool sneak peak of just the solid gold plating that dangles behind your stretched earlobes.

They're not too heavy, but sturdy enough to stay in place and look fierce! Honestly these are my newest favorites and I wear them almost every chance I get!

Pro tip, put the shorter length in first whichever way you choose to wear it. Pair these with our super thin flesh tunnels for a super secure fit.

Item Description:

Gauge: 00g-5/8"
Metal: Copper, Gold IOP Plating

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