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Triple wood double flare plug earrings organic flared tunnels pair 2g-1"

These triple wood double flare plugs are lightweight and comfortable. We really love how interesting these are considering they're made from three types of wood. These make for a pretty sweet pair of organic wood tunnel earrings.

A little about the woods these are made from:

Palm wood is harvested from Palm trees that naturally grow in the Ocean biome.

Coconut wood, also called Coconut timber, is a hardwood substitute from coconut palm trees. This wood offers an alternative to rainforest timber. Coconut wood is also used for shelving, beads and even wood spoons.

Jackfruit wood has a multitude of uses including furniture manufacturing, doors and windows. It is even used to make barrels in which fish sauce ferments.

The Jackfruit is an edible fruit that tastes kind of like a banana smoothie. Very fragrant and sweet, we've tried it!

Item Details:

Gauge: 2g-1" (Some sizes in stock, others will take a bit to ship.)
Palm Wood
Coconut Wood
Jackfruit Wood

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