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Yellow gold daith heart piercing ring 16g white opals easy bend seam ring 3/8" right ear earring

Highlighted by sophisticated white opals on one side, these yellow gold heart daith earrings are a charming upgrade to any daith piercing. A touch more fancy than your traditional captive bead ring, these easy to bend heart shaped cartilage hoop earrings work best in daith piercings, but they can also be worn in 16g helix and earlobe piercings.

Sold individually.

~||✧ Item Specifics: ✧||~

EAR SIDE: RIGHT, left side here
Gauge: 16g (1.2mm)
Length: 3/8" (10mm)
Stone Size: 2mm
Stone Color: White Opal
Metal Composition: 316L ASTM F-138 Implant Grade Stainless Steel; Yellow Gold PVD
Style: Heart Shaped Annealed Seam Ring
Where to Wear It: Earlobes, Conch, Helix, Cartilage, Forward Helix, Tragus

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Materials: 16g,10mm Diameter,White Opals,Yellow Gold PVD,Easy Bend Seam Ring, Right Ear

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