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Let's Learn About Piercing Bumps

Piercing bumps. No one wants them to show up, yet occasionally, they still hang around.

There are various factors that may or may not contribute to the formation of a piercing bump.

Not cleaning the body piercing site or allowing the body jewelry to collect bodily fluids, dirt and grim may increase the chances of developing a piercing bump.

Bumps may occur in or near the piercing site due to dirt, debris, pet hair, makeup, etc. A common culprit for nostril piercing bumps is touching the site with unwashed hands, covering the site in makeup, applying facial masks, creams and lotions that irritate the site and introducing your piercing to unclean pillowcases, towels, etc.

It is important to practice proper aftercare on all new and healing body piercings. When going to a professional body piercing studio, you may be given aftercare products and instructions to assist you in taking care of your new body piercing.

wash your hands.

Bumps may also appear after trauma to the piercing site. Catching your jewelry on your clothes, hairbrushes, having other people snag it...these things may traumatize the piercing site and lead to the formation of bumps in response. A bump may be a minor reaction or it can lead to a Keloid. Ear and nose piercings are more vulnerable to Keloid formations, however they are more rare than the more common piercing bump.

Allergic reactions to body jewelry worn in your piercing site may also lead to piercing bumps.

If you suspect an allergy to your jewelry, visit your local body piercer for a consultation. Often times, a switch to titanium may alleviate allergic reactions. Improperly placed piercing jewelry can often cause irritation and the formation of bumps in the process.

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One of the best things you can do when you experience a piercing bump is to visit your local piercer.
They may be a knowledgeable source of information on the subject and can often assist you in determining the best course of action in your case. If you find that your local body piercer doesn't offer this type of consultation, try another piercing professional in your area.

Saline soaks, warm water compresses and jewelry changes are the most effective ways to get rid of piercing bumps. In some cases, an infection may be present and you may need to see a doctor. Again, consult a professional body piercer.

Please note that these are suggestions and that some or none of these methods may be effective for you. It's best to consult a professional body piercer near you.

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