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Titanium Anodizing Color Guide

Titanium anodizing creates a layer of oxide on the surface, which alters the appearance of reflective light, creating a colorful result.

Anodizing does NOT add any materials to the surface like dyes or plating methods, resulting in a safe, hypoallergenic piece of jewelry.

We anodize all of our jewelry in our tattoo and piercing shop located at 331 Main Street South, Sauk Centre Minnesota.

We offer 12 different titanium anodized colors. See photo and list of anodized colors below. The photo shows the colors in order from front to back. Rainbow is not shown in the photo below but further down the page.

titanium anodized colors

Every color is beautiful on its own. Matching it to gems and opals enhances the jewelry even more. 

Take a look at a few of our titanium anodized pieces with their unique combinations.

turquoise industrial bar dark bronze anodized 
Dark bronze compliments turquoise and a purple opal.

Ice blue brings out the best in our purple gemstone inserts. 

rose gold anodized industrial bar

Rose gold enhances the flecks within the white opals.

Rainbow really is an outstanding product of titanium anodizing.

Rose gold (left back) and gold (right center) really are classic colors that compliment almost any gem or opal.

Blurple (a combination of blue and purple) is a unique color that really makes a white opal pop.

Green is very bright, not something to be missed. Purple is vibrant and lovely.

Gold (left front) looks amazing while pink (left back) is very feminine and soft. Purple teal is an intriguing color (right front).

Even nostril studs deserved a little titanium anodizing love. Colors shown from left front to back to right front to back.