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14g Titanium Straight Barbells

One of our most popular body jewelry styles is our classic internally threaded straight barbell shaft . Typically featuring a 4mm or 5mm threaded ball end, these SBB's are extremely convenient, comfortable and colorful.

Available in 16g, 14g and 12g, our titanium, internally threaded straight barbells are most commonly worn in nipple, tongue, cheek, industrial (scaffold), and genital body piercings.

Featuring various ball (bead) diameters, these classic body piercing style shafts are seen worldwide in most every body piercing studio.

Here at SirenBodyJewelry.com, we hand anodize each shaft to order. Creating a fun experience not only for us prior to filling your order, but a lasting visual impression.

One of our favorite anodizing techniques is our Rainbow or Oilsick.

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Customize Your Own Earring Aesthetic

Featuring high quality body jewelry piercing designs, isn't it time to re-style your earrings?

Gorgeous pear shaped gemstones, gemstone trios in green and opalite; what are you waiting for?

Pair traditional ear piercings with classic gemstone threaded ends and labret posts for a personalized earring collection.

16g is by far the most common gauge used in traditional or piercing shop ear piercings. Even if you were pierced with a thinner gauge like 20g or 18g, you can always ask your body piercer to size you up to 16g. the sizing difference is small when performed in lower earlobe tissue.

Consider asking for 16g jewelry to be pierced with in your cartilage piercings like the daith, forward and upper helix, rook, conch, tragus, etc.

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