Metal Compliance

We value high quality materials and strive to maintain industry wide body jewelry and jewelry standards.

We offer body jewelry styles in:

ASTM F-136 Titanium
316L Stainless Steel
14k White, Yellow or Rose Gold

Titanium, BioFlex and other clear, flexible shafts; (including PTFE) body jewelry materials are nickel-free and safe for use in the presence of a nickel allergy.

*Please note, that if you want to wear a push pin, threadless or threaded end, and want to avoid any nickel, go for titanium material. It is better to be proactive, instead of having a flare up.
Palladium based gold, genuine diamonds and gemstones are available, along with gold alloyed material, brass, base metals, niobium...etc.
Lab created, synthetic and genuine opals and stones are also used and on display.