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Belly Button Rings

Creative, alluring and interesting, the belly button a.k.a. navel piercing can be adorned with a variety of stunning pieces.

The classic jewelry choice for this type of body piercing is a 14g curved barbell featuring either gemstones or opals. Normally the bottom ball is larger in diameter than the top.

If you have a double belly button piercing (the top and bottom) you can use a traditional belly button ring in both or choose to wear a 14g curved bar in the lower one with flat gemstone or opal ends. 

If you have more of a "floating navel" style piercing of the belly, your jewelry choices may be different than the traditional belly button curved barbell. Some people choose to wear more of a J curved style barbell (combination of a curved and straight shaft) or a 14g curved barbell featuring a ball, gem or opal on the bottom and a cluster piece on top. Individual aesthetic preferences and body piercing angle and depth contribute to the choice, especially in the floating navel style.