Collection: Titanium and Stainless Steel Nostril Jewelry

When it comes to metal sensitivities, titanium is king. Hypoallergenic, able to withstand pressure and wet conditions; titanium nostril jewelry holds a medal in the durability and style department.

The ability for titanium to house a wide variety of gemstones, opals and various other stones; the metal itself is blessed with the ability to change hue. 

Anodizing by hand, we curate designs in titanium. Whether you admire the classic 2mm or 3mm diameter of any gemstone, your favorite style durability may be found in titanium.

We also enjoy the benefits of quality 316L stainless steel. Simple, clean and fun designs with a little unexpected flare. 

However, we certainly admire our gold nostril collection for those who appreciate the finer details and more precious metals.

When it comes to price, titanium does offer value for the hypoallergenic qualities it possesses.