Collection: MRI Safe Retainers, Spare Parts & Tools

Maintaining healthy body piercings is one key factor in encouraging long term body piercing health and success over time.

Retainers, spare parts and tools can assist you in having a long term, enjoyable body jewelry experience.


A retainer is designed to keep your body piercing channel at the same size and length it is currently when jobs, sports or medical scans require concealment or removal of metal. 

In many professions and jobs it's common to adhere to a specific set of attire and body decorating guidelines. Clear retainers can assist in putting your best foot forward as you carve out your own path.

Retainers also come in handy when you need to have regular medical scans, such as MRI's or CT scans. Surgery is another scenario in which clear, flexible retainers are useful. Not only do they keep your body piercing at the same gauge it is, they can assist with clear, image scans and interpretations.

From flat back labrets with a clear top, straight and curved barbells, you're sure to find the style that fits your body piercing collection.


If you've ever lost a ball, gemstone or opal end (maybe a solid gold end even), you know how that feels. It's important to recognize that having a few spare parts around can be helpful in the long term enjoyment of your body piercing.

If you have only one body piercing, it's not a bad idea to keep at least one other type of jewelry and a few spare parts in your jewelry collection.

For example, if you have a lip piercing and you wear a flat back labret style piece of body jewelry, you may know that it consists of 2 separate parts.

  • Labret
  • Ball End

Ideally, you'd want to purchase at least one clear retainer in the same gauge and length as your current body jewelry and at least one extra flat back labret shaft and one extra ball end. 

If you've already gathered your "first aid" kit to keep your body piercing housed with jewelry for work, medical reasons and accidental loss, it can be fun to just order a few extra spare parts to mix and match.

Love the ball (a.k.a. bead) look but want to mix it up?

Pick out a few spare parts in the same gauge as your current body jewelry. We offer mostly internally threaded spare parts, so determining whether or not your current jewelry is externally or internally threaded is key.

The majority of our body jewelry is internally threaded.

See individual product listing descriptions to confirm gauge and threading compatibility. 


Tools aren't just for body piercers anymore. When it comes to learning how to tighten, change and clean your own body jewelry at home, it's important to acquire a few tools.

Tools assist you in creating a firm grip that is important when you are trying to tighten any threaded ends or remove them from their shafts.

We offer our favorite tightening tool to enhance the world of do-it-yourself body piercing enthusiast.

A tool, when used properly, can be invaluable not only to your body piercing itself, but to keeping your favorite pieces around longer. Investing in quality body jewelry tools can save you more than money. A tool, when used properly can comfortably help you take care of your own body piercing jewelry care.

One way to use our tightening tool is to hold the main shaft of your body jewelry steady while you thread on your favorite ball, gemstone or opal end. Not only can it assist in properly aligning threading, it can provide a secure hold to allow you to tighten the piece correctly. Hand tightening is not encouraged to maintain a long term secure fit.