Collection: Shop MRI-Safe Retainers & Spare Parts for Body Jewelry | Siren Body Jewelry

Welcome to our body jewelry store, your destination for maintaining healthy and beautiful piercings! Discover a wide range of MRI safe retainers, spare parts, and interchangeable opal and gemstone ends to ensure a long-term, enjoyable experience.

Our clear retainers are ideal for concealing or removing metal during jobs, sports, or medical scans. They preserve the size and length of your piercing while complying with attire guidelines. They also facilitate clear image scans during medical procedures.

Find a variety of spare parts, including ball, gemstone, and opal ends, to have the right pieces on hand whenever needed. Keeping spare parts ensures long-term enjoyment, so we recommend having a few extras in your collection.

Choose from styles like flat back labrets with a clear top, straight and curved barbells, and more to find the perfect fit for your piercings. Mix and match with threaded spare parts to create your unique jewelry look.

Whether maintaining your current jewelry or exploring new options with spare parts, we've got you covered. Shop now and indulge in the best body jewelry experience!