Collection: Conch Piercing Studs, Hoops & Clusters

A conch piercing is alluring and interesting.

The conch piercing is located in the "bowl" shaped anatomy of the ear.

A conch piercing may be placed and pierced in the center or close to the outer conch bowl, depending on the style of visual outcome preferred when paired with body jewelry.

Your professional body piercer may assist you in determining your preferred placement based on your own reference photos and unique anatomy. 

The most common (healed) body jewelry gauge and length for a conch piercing that houses a flat back labret or straight barbell is 16g (1.2mm) and 1/4" (6mm). If your own conch anatomy is thicker or larger, the length may be longer at 5/16" (8mm). It's also important to note that each body piercer prefers their own gauge and length for the initial conch piercing, so feel free to reach out to the professional body piercer you used to get your true gauge and length at your first initial piercing.

It is beneficial to observe and learn that oftentimes a body piercer will have their own gauge and length preferences to protect you from unnecessary healing issues and trauma. Oftentimes the length will be longer to accommodate for any swelling that may or may not occur. This is beneficial for a proper healing time frame and may include a down size, or shortening, of the length to further encourage a well tended healing path.

Conch body piercing heal times are typically estimated at 6 to 9 months, depending on your own body, body jewelry choices and cleaning and aftercare methods. 

Conch jewelry choices can rotate between a flat back labret, a ball back straight barbell or a hoop.

With a flat back labret, you can feature a prong or bezel set gemstone, opal or cluster. It's not uncommon to order a set of 3 gemstone colors or a mixed set of gemstones and opals to make the variety even more thrilling.

Gemstone or opal clusters can come in classic colors and custom combinations. It's not uncommon to add stylish beading and intricate designs in titanium and 14k gold. 

The enormous varieties of threaded ends to feature on the front of a conch piercing are thrilling.

It is fun to experiment with gemstone, opal, cluster or gold ends, especially in such a sleek body piercing location like the conch.