Collection: Lip Rings, Studs & Retainers

Let's talk about lip piercings - they come in such a variety! For example, the Monroe piercing is inspired by Marilyn Monroe's beauty spot and is usually placed on the upper left lip. Meanwhile, the Madonna piercing is on the right side of the face, just like Madonna's iconic facial mark.

It's so cool to see how these beauty icons have influenced the world of piercings. And there are even more types of lip piercings to explore - like the philtrum or the snake bites and spider bites, which can be located in different formations on the top or bottom lip.

When it comes to styling your lip piercing, there are plenty of options too! You can choose from different gemstones or opt for a threaded ball end labret in a range of colors. Circular barbells are another fun choice - they're perfect for both upper and lower lip piercings, and even look great in the center of a lower lip. And have you seen the hinged segment rings? They're so colorful and easy to wear!

So, don't be afraid to express yourself with your lip piercing and pick out your ideal style. And don't forget, the most common length for lip piercings is 5/16" or 3/8" and in a thickness of 16g - but really, it's up to you!