Collection: Lip Rings, Studs & Retainers

 When we're talking about lip piercings, we are actually referring to a larger variety of lip piercings.

For example, the monroe lip piercing is a reference to the preferred placement of a lip piercing. Upper left lip on the face, similar to where Marilyn Monroe's beauty spot was located. A madonna lip piercing refers to the right sided location on the face. This type of location is referencing Madonna's facial mark on the opposite side of the face.

It's interesting to adorn lip piercings and style them, especially when some of the history of the lip piercing names, comes from beauty icons like Marilyn and Madonna. 

Other types of lip piercings include the philtrum, which is most often as dead center as possible on the top upper lip. 

Another lip piercing combination is sometimes referred to as snake bites or spider bites. Depending on the situation, snake bites may be located on both the left and right side of the lower lip. Spider bites may instead be on the same side (left or right), but closer together.

Most of the lip piercings can be either located on the top or bottom lip and in a variety of formations. It's really up to the person who loves lip piercings to pick out their ideal style.

The most common length for lip piercings is 5/16" or 3/8" and in a thickness of 16g. 

Oftentimes, lip piercings do best with a gemstone that is at least 2mm or 3mm in diameter.  Perhaps you'll have a 3mm and a 2mm gemstone paired together for a classic look.

Alternatively, you may find it fun to go with one of our 3mm threaded ball end labrets. You can choose to go with high polish silver, pink, ice blue, gold and many more titanium anodized colors. 

 Another excellent jewelry option is one of our titanium circular barbells. These internally threaded circular barbells are also commonly referred to as "horseshoes" because of their shape.

These CBBS (circular barbells) are fun to wear in upper and lower lip piercings. Even in a lower labret piercing in the center of a lower lip, depending on how high up or low your lip piercing is situated.

One of our favorite hoop styles is our titanium hinged segment ring. Available in various diameters, these easy to insert and remove hinges are perfect for lower lip piercings. Not only are they comfortable to wear and easy to change out, they're very colorful!