Collection: Plugs & Tunnels

If you have stretched earlobes, then you'll have at least one pair of plug or tunnel earrings. One of the most enjoyable parts of the earlobe stretching process is the picking out of the jewelry you'll be wearing! Whether you prefer to keep it simple with stainless steel, single flare plugs or tunnels; the stretched earlobe piercing jewelry options are vast and lovely to enjoy wearing. You may find that you prefer a simple aesthetic and a smaller gauge (thickness) and a more bold look when you reach higher up into the larger gauge sizes.

An adventure worthy of anyone who really enjoys the stretched earlobe or lobes look, the jewelry options are just one of the delights along the way. Depending on your own personal preferences and your work or lifestyle requirements,  you may find just the right plug or tunnel set for your body. It may take some experimenting and decisions on your part for what size you decide to land on for awhile, but it's worth the journey. You'll learn about how to care for, decorate and size up or down your stretched earlobes all while enjoying the designs of every plug and tunnel combination you choose!