Collection: Earlobe Piercing Studs, Clusters & Hoops

Ah the classic earlobe piercing. We love a good lobe piercing and they are the number one pierced body part in the world!

With so many styles to choose from, it makes sense that the earlobe piercing is so popular.

There's an endless variety of earlobe piercing body jewelry options. From flat back labrets to hoops and clickers, we've got an enormous selection.

Prefer the sleek, bead or ball threaded end look?

Try our titanium flat back earrings with our 3mm ball ends. 

Looking for those glamorous gemstones?

Try our titanium flat back labret studs with a matching gemstone in a prong or bezel setting. Perhaps you'd prefer a pear gemstone. You'll find out what you like. 

What about a simple and sleek threaded end design like our titanium moons?