Welcome to your jewelry experience. 

Your utmost enjoyment and knowledge is important, as well as our continued relationship.

Online community focused, we would like to invite you to experience shopping for jewelry, in a unique way.

Offering one-of-a-kind pieces, hypoallergenic body jewelry, earrings, necklaces and more; we are excited to assist you in your jewelry adventures.

 Metals We Use in our Designs include:



Stainless Steel
Assorted Base Metals (Custom Projects)

*We often suggest the use of metals that are not, by composition, gold, titanium, niobium or stainless; to be a part of the project that is NOT worn in the piercing channel.

For example, an ornamental design.

This allows for the flexibility and visual appeal of the jewelry design to be on display, while also keeping your skin and body piercings safe from metal irritants.

For example, we can offer a titanium based stud with a gold threaded or pin end. Other examples may include the use of strategic beadwork, stones and wood that keeps the neckline, chest and navel clear for fun in the sun while reducing tarnishing or damage to the jewelry itself.

We use lab created, synthetic, genuine and faux pieces (depending on the project).

The majority of our body jewelry is titanium, to avoid and reduce any skin or piercing issues.

However, we do feel that stainless steel is also appropriate for those without pre-existing issues. 

It is highly suggested to stick with what you love. We work hard to make sure you feel happy, satisfied and safe when it comes to what you wear both on your body and inside. 

Thank you for your continued business.