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All About Eyeliner Tattoos, Natural Enhancements With Ink

Let's talk about eyeliner tattoos. Simple, elegant lines carefully lined on the tops and bottoms of eyelids. That's the definition of an eyeliner tattoo. It's not going to look much different than when you draw on your own liner and that is the beauty of it. Natural enhancement designed to simplify your life. Every day, you can wake up with your makeup already done! Leave your house with just some mascara and you feel amazing. Stunning simplicity created by introducing ink into your life.

eyliner tattoo top and bottom by valerie

At Siren Body Jewelry Tattoo & Piercing, we offer eyeliner tattoos (and other cosmetic tattoos). With over 5 years of tattooing experience, we excel at making the eyeliner tattoo procedure stress free. We always offer a free consultation in which we discuss at length your concerns, questions and worries about the procedure. We do not take this lightly and we work hard to answer every inquiry with a quality discussion. No question is too difficult to answer.

One of the most important parts of this consult is then setting up a test line. A test line is really a small, thin line tattooed somewhere inconspicuous on your body with the cosmetic tattoo ink we'll be using the day of your eyeliner tattoo procedure. This test line is then left to heal. After a few weeks, we have you stop in and we evaluate how it healed. Any adverse reactions would need to be address, skin sensitivities, etc. 9 out of 10 times this test line heals beautifully, with no adverse results. Now it's time to move on to the procedure.

 eyeliner tattoo by valerie

The day of your eyeliner tattoo procedure, we'll advise you to eat a healthy breakfast and to drink water. When you arrive at the studio, we'll complete your consent form paperwork and set up for your procedure. The next step before we even start tattooing is the application of topical anesthetic to your upper and/or lower eyelids. You'll have to wait at least 20 minutes for the topical cream to begin numbing your eyelids. Once the time is up, you'll be ready for your first eyelid tattooing session.

The most common color chosen for eyeliner tattoos is a dark black. Warm browns and pastel colors also are possible, however the darker the color, the longer they tend to look best. Highlights are also possible over and above black eyeliner, similar to how you'd emphasize your eye shadow. The possibilities are almost endless but the classic combo of black or brown eyeliner is always stunning and natural.

 valerie tattooing a beauty mark

Now that you've already decided on your colors, it's time for the test line on your eyelids. What this means is we'll do a small line to make sure our depth is correct for your individually eyelids. Once we've confirmed our depth and watched our line lay down nice and solid, we continue. During this time, we will also be applying another topical cream that helps reduce any swelling. This cream works to prevent pain while we are working, almost assisting the initial cream you had put on. One eye at a time and with one or two passes, your first session will be finished. We'll clean and wipe the eyelids down and put an ointment on them to keep them moisturized, but also to prevent anything entering the fresh tattoo.

That's it! You made it through your first session of your eyeliner tattoo. You might experience swelling, redness and sore eyelids your first day after the session. You'll be instructed on how to care for your eyeliner tattoos before you leave our studio and we'll supply ointment for the healing time. Approximately 4-6 weeks is all it takes to heal eyeliner tattoos.

 natural eyeliner look

Around week 4 you can stop back into the studio to set up your 2nd eyeliner session. Our eyes have a high cell turnover rate which means that sometimes the eyeliner ink can fade up to 60% from the first session. This fading does depend on various factors like how well you cared for them during the heal time, etc. A second session is highly suggested to get that solid, satisfying eyeliner tattoo you're wanting. After 6 weeks you should come back in for your second session. During the second session, we can thicken any lines up or make the lines longer at this time. It is not always needed to go entirely over the lines again; we'd like to think of the 2nd session as the refinement session.


The second session would be a repeat of the first session with the topical anesthetics, but this time you already know what to expect and you've already gotten over the initial nervousness. Plus, you probably feel like a badass, which you should!

 top and bottom eyeliner

After the second session, we always suggest coming in for maintenance ink. Eyeliner tattoos are high maintenance in the sense that you should have them touched up over the years, more so than you would with a traditional tattoo. Again, this is due to the location of the tattoo. Similar standard tattoos like the finger tattoos also require a similar maintenance due to the location and high skin cell turnover rate. This means fading occurs more quickly than say a shoulder tattoo.

cost sign

Financially, your first and second session will run at least $400 and up. As for choosing to go with bottom eyeliner, sometimes it is better to add very small dot work style tattoo work in between the lashes. This can create the effect of fuller bottom eyeliner without the harsh solid line on the bottom. However, based on your eye anatomy, you might choose only to go with bottom eyeliner. This can work beautifully, depending on your own eye structure.

In the end, the choice to get eyeliner tattoos is a good one. If you're informed, comfortable and you can endure not moving around, getting them done is a breeze. The long term benefits really outweigh any pre-tattoo jitters.

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Stop by our studio located at 331 Main Street South in Sauk Centre, Minnesota and ask for me (Valerie). I look forward to introducing you to the world of cosmetic tattoos.

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