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Do you know the difference between a flat back labret and a labret piercing?

Flat back labret. These three words make up a common phrase that helps define not only the style of body jewelry, but the wearing experience. Flat refers to the shape of the backing while labret describes the style of jewelry. Labret piercing is in that same common phrase, however; it can be used to describe a piercing itself.

If we had a timeline of popular piercing name references, we'd point the understanding and knowledge of a labret piercing to the 1980s-1990s. Think about the types of popular celebrities with a labret piercing and you may find the lead singer of the band Disturbed and Christina Aguilera. 

While the name labret used to be a popular way to tell your body piercer where you wanted your lower lip to be pierced, it is now more common to hear or read the word labret and think of a piece of jewelry with a bead (ball) gemstone or opal threaded end.

According to various tales from ancient history, folklore and cultural practices the labret piercing had many meanings and reasons for being performed. It's not that common to see a stretched lower labret piercing, but if you ever do; you'll not easily forget it.

This type of lower lip piercing, the labret can be stretched or even cut and sutured to house various types of plug or eyelet earrings. You'll most likely run into a body modification artist or enthusiast sporting one of these eye opening piercing mods.

Similar to how it is possible to stretch earlobe piercings, it is possible to enlarge and stretch a labret piercing.

Below is an image of a labret piercing. You'll see the location is below the lip line and above the chin.

This type of labret is most common and is often performed with a 16g or 14g flat back labret stud. Various lengths are needed, depending on the client's individual lip thickness. Ideally your piercer will use a length long enough to compensate for any swelling that may occur after and during the 5-7 days after the initial piercing.

After a few weeks or more, it is suggested to shorten the length by purchasing and using the appropriate length when healed.

It's not uncommon to have lengths available between 5/16" to 1/2". More often than not, it's 5/16" (8mm), 3/8" (10mm) or 7/16" (11mm).

When it comes to body piercings, we adore our titanium flat back labrets. Not only are they hypoallergenic, but we can anodized them a wide array of colors like rainbow or blurple.

Many different kinds of body piercings, including the original labret style piercing can accommodate a flat back labret.

You can wear a flat back labret in upper and lower lip, earlobe, helix, forward helix and nostril piercings.

Whether you go for a simple bead or ball threaded end or get a little bit more interesting with an opal or moon shape; you'll find it comfortable to wear flat back labrets.

Typically the base or "back" of a labret style stud has a disc diameter of at least 3mm to 5mm, depending on the gauge size.

For example, we offer our 18g titanium flat back labrets with our 3mm prong set gemstones that have a smaller disc backing of 2mm or 3mm to make it enjoyable to wear in a traditional or high nostril piercing.

Another one of our favorite titanium labret piercing styles is our 16g beaded and bezel set design. The smooth, bezel setting is ideal for any and all ear piercings like the conch, earlobe, upper cartilage or helix. Smooth, crystal clear gemstones are the jam to our jelly.

The delightful reality of a flat back labret is that it is actually two parts! This makes it easy to wear comfortably in a wide variety of piercings. The cleaning process is also something that we'd say is convenient and reasonable. After a shower, it's important to towel dry and check your body piercings. Something as quick as a warm water soaked q tip or thick paper towel can assist in the cleaning ritual.

If you have someone to help you, suggest that they use a pair of latex or nitrile gloves. Something clean, that helps assist with the insertion, cleaning and removal. It's also a great option to visit your favorite local body piercer to have them help you change any piercing locations that are not your favorite to change yourself.

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