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The Evolution of Labret Piercing: Exploring Flat Back Labret Jewelry Styles and Traditions

The wearing experience of flat back labret jewelry is defined by its common phrase of three words. The term "flat" refers to the shape of the backing, while "labret" describes the style of jewelry. Although "labret piercing" is part of the phrase, it is now more commonly associated with the jewelry itself rather than the piercing. The popularity of labret piercings dates back to the 1980s-1990s, with famous celebrities like the lead singer of Disturbed and Christina Aguilera sporting them.

In ancient history, folklore, and cultural practices, labret piercings held various meanings and reasons for being performed. While it's not as common to see stretched lower labret piercings, they do exist and can even be modified to accommodate various types of plug or eyelet earrings.

The most common type of labret piercing is located below the lip line and above the chin, and is often done with a 16g or 14g flat back labret stud. The length of the stud depends on the client's individual lip thickness, with longer lengths initially used to compensate for any swelling that may occur after the initial piercing. After a few weeks or more, the length can be shortened to a more appropriate size. Common lengths include 5/16" to 1/2", with 5/16" (8mm), 3/8" (10mm), or 7/16" (11mm) being the most common.

When it comes to body piercings, we love our titanium flat back labrets. They're hypoallergenic and available in a variety of colors, like rainbow or blurple, thanks to anodization.

Flat back labrets are suitable for many types of body piercings, including the original labret style, as well as upper and lower lip, earlobe, helix, forward helix, and nostril piercings.

You can opt for a simple ball or bead threaded end, or choose something more interesting, like an opal or moon shape. Flat back labrets are comfortable to wear regardless.

The disc backing of a labret style stud is typically at least 3mm to 5mm in diameter, depending on the gauge size. Our 18g titanium flat back labrets feature 2mm or 3mm prong set gemstones with smaller disc backings, perfect for traditional or high nostril piercings.

Our 16g beaded and bezel set design is another favorite titanium labret piercing style. The smooth, bezel setting works well for ear piercings like the conch, earlobe, upper cartilage, or helix. Clear gemstones add extra sparkle.

A flat back labret consists of two parts, making it easy to wear in various piercings. Cleaning is also easy - after a shower, towel dry and check your piercings. A warm water soaked q-tip or paper towel can help with cleaning. Consider using gloves or visiting a professional piercer for help with changing difficult piercings.

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